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Get the equipment you need with our commercial towing in Kansas City, KS

Many towing companies only specialize in light-duty work because not every tow truck company is equipped to or prepared for the demands of the commercial trucking industry. You have to get where you’re going, and when something goes wrong, every second matters. We are your commercial towing company choice in Kansas City, KS. Our truck operators know how to calculate load weight distribution, safely recover and secure multi-ton packages, and move them using state of the art equipment. Don’t risk your truck and cargo with a light-duty company. Contact All City Tow Service for the areas number one commercial tow services.

Why choose a company with a 24/7 dispatch center?

We equip every tow truck in our fleet with onboard GPS. This information goes straight to our dispatch center along with unique identification for every vehicle. We know where our trucks are and what they equipment they have. That allows us to send the nearest truck that meets your needs straight to you. 

Our tow truck company is designed to manage your commercial needs.

  • With a fleet of over 30 trucks, we are equipped to handle anything. Our fleet includes flatbeds, wreckers, 40′ landolls, and even three customized 65-ton boom lift-equipped vehicles for heavy duty recovery work. Our truck operators extensively train in the use of their vehicles equipment. They operate with precision, efficiency, and safely recover and load your cargo and truck. Our quality of service is unmatched and guaranteed. Don’t settle. Call us.
  • Our storage facilities give you security and time. Time matters when you’ve got a destination you have to get to. A break-down, overturn, or accident can severely hamper your timeline. You can’t leave your truck and cargo on the side of the road. That’s where we come in. With four highly secured lots and protected cargo areas, we can safely secure your vehicle and goods. We don’t stop there. We help you coordinate pickups, transfers, repairs, and anything else you need to get back on the road.

Semi Truck Recovery and Towing the Right Way

The nation’s supply line never sleeps. That’s why we’re available 24/7 for semi truck towing in Kansas City, MO. We provide recovery and towing for semi trucks. With a network that covers the entire Kansas City, KS area, wherever you are, whenever you need help, we’re there.

Air Cusion Recovery can right your truck and cargo at the same time.

Our recovery system uses inflatable buoys to safely, gently, and quickly right your semi truck. Cargo removal is not required. If your vehicle is drivable afterward, you’ll be back on the road in no time. Our truck operators secure cargo and your truck for transportation. We can store it for you or tow it to the destination of your choice. We provide intermodal cross-country towing and hauling services as well. Never worry about whether your tow truck company has your needs covered. We do, every time.

Contact us for commercial and semi-truck towing in Kansas City, KS today!

We’re always available. Get 24/7 help. You aren’t alone. Your industry is our industry, and our company is built to serve your needs. Call or contact us now. -

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